Thursday, September 22, 2011

Every Day On Earth

Fact: Literary agents procrastinate 2,400 minutes out of every day... Okay, that's not a real fact.

What is true is that Every Day on Earth: Fun Facts That Happen Every 24 Hours by Steve and Matthew Murrie was published on August 1st and I'm incredibly delayed in wishing them a Happy, Happy Birthday!

This is a trivia book that is perfect for parents who are looking for ways for their kids to have fun learning, as they head back to school this month. The book gives readers a look at what happens every day. (Did you know that 46 million turkeys are eaten in America every Thanksgivings? Or that lightening strikes the earth 8,640,000 times every day?)

And adults will love it too. I know, when I first read it, I ran around the office going "Every Day on Earth..." Fact: My coworkers threw 2 million balls of paper at my head that day...