Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Past Continuous

Happy pub month to Past Continuous by K. Ryer Breese! This is the sequel to Breese's first book Future Imperfect.

I was in Raleigh over the Thanksgiving holiday visiting my sister and she's a big Fringe watcher and so, of course, I always end up watching it with her when I'm in North Carolina. Even though I'm only catching random episodes here and there (and constantly pausing her DVR to pepper her with questions about the plot), I find it a fascinating show-- and a very good comp for Past Continuous and Future Imperfect. Because if you like reality-bending, complex shows like Fringe, you'll love Breese's books.

In Past Continuous, with the help of one of his unsavory friends, Ade is able to change his past-- but not in the way that he hopes. Instead, he unknowingly changes it so that his girlfriend Vauxhall doesn't remember who he is. In order to fix the problem, Abe must kill four alternate versions of himself. (See? I told you! Fringe-ish!)

Kirkus says it best: larger-than-life fight scenes, criminal underworlds and superhuman displays.

It's twisted. And I love it.