Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Summer of May

Cecilia Galante's The Summer of May publishes today!!

Cecilia is one of my favorite kind of authors, someone who can write any genre, because her writing is all about characters--whether they're elementary school kids, pre-teens, teens, or adults-- she can get inside all of their heads so well that you feel like you know them personally.

The Summer of May is her third middle grade novel, but she also has two teen novels, an upcoming early reader series, and she's currently working on an adult novel. She's a Jane of all trades!

To top it all off she has a great blog on writing: http://www.ceciliagalante.com/

One of my favorite things is how she signs off on her blog posts. Cecilia, I'm taking a page for your blog today:

Onwards, Always!

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