Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Love Letter to NYC

This book combines two of my favorite things: New York City and celebrities. An embarrassing confession: whenever I see a celebrity on the street I immediately text a friend (who is also celeb-obsessed. Seriously, she can list the names of every celebrity child-- in the correct birth-order. It's a true gift...) with the details: Where did I spot them? What were they wearing? How did they look?

Jeryl Brunner's book, MY CITY, MY NEW YORK makes my celebrity stalking so much easier. She went straight to the source and asked famous New Yorkers: Where are your favorite spots in the city and why?

So now I know:
-Glenn Close likes to walk her dogs in Central Park, near the West 81st entrance
-Anthony Bourdain celebrates with meals at Masa
-Joan Rivers loves the top of 30 Rock (and she was a NYC tour guide during college--who knew?!)

This book not only satisfies my celeb-obession, but it has shown me how little I know about "the city". I have a whole new list of places I need to visit. First stop, the restaurant Veselka, to hang out with Jon Stewart!


  1. I love this! (Especially my unnamed cameo in the first paragraph!) :)

    Veselka also happens to be DELICIOUS. It's one of Ben's favorite spots. We'll go next time you're in NYC.

  2. I know what it's like. I met Rose MacDowell briefly in college, and now that she's Andie MacDowell, I sent her a friend request on facebook. She remembered me and now she regularly emails and reads my stories as if 35 years was only a blink.
    Craig Faris