Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Kickass Women!

I'm thrilled to say Happy Pub Day to J.C. Carleson. Not only has J.C. written an amazing thriller with a tough female protagonist, but she's also an ex-spy herself! Of all my clients, she, by far, has the coolest bio:

J.C. Carleson's biggest adventure started when she finished her Ivy League education (Cornell), then joined the CIA’s clandestine service while she was in her mid-twenties.  In her capacity as an undercover CIA officer, she spent more than seven years jumping out of airplanes, traveling the world, learning to operate a variety of weapons, and mastering the art of disguise. Her travels have taken her from bomb shelters in war zones to cocktail parties in European capitals.  

Her debut novel, Cloaks and Veils, gives a reader a sneak peak into what it's really like at CIA headquarters, while also delivering a page-turning story. It's the perfect beach read!

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  1. That's amazing! I'm going to have to get this book (I'm a sucker for great bio's as well)